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Algebra and Graphing

Included in this section are tools to increase access to algebra and graphing.  Items include Solving Equations, Graph Paper, Tactile Points, Coordinate Grids, Math Window.

Click here for an Algebra and Graphing Detailed Handout of the information below.

Click here for a Complete List of Math Items in all of the Math Tools Sections without the detailed description.

  • The Hands-On Equations® Instructional Video Manuel DVD which is available at http://www.borenson.com/ item number S-1000
    • A visual and kinesthetic teaching methodology empowering teachers to successfully present  algebraic concepts to students.
    • Provides students with an intuitive understanding of the most fundamental algebraic concepts
    • Makes algebraic linear equations accessible.
    • Hands-on approach to use in a traditional pre-algebra or algebra class
    • Does not require any algebraic prerequisites
    • Provides students with a strong foundation for later algebraic studies

         Sets of 10, 20, 30 or 40  item numbers C-1010,  C-1020,  C-1030,  C-1040 

           Hands-On equations student set   Hands-On equations teacher set

  • Graph Paper which is available at http://www.aph.org
    • Bold-line graph sheets have thick unit lines and thinner sub-unit lines. 100-pack. Embossed graph sheets have Braille dot grids on manila paper. Embossed graph sheets and progress charts have 50-pack

                       graph paper

  • Dot Marker Collection which is available at http://store.exceptionalteaching.net/dm1.html
    item number DM1
    • An assortment of adhesive dots to meet every marking need. Transcribers, teachers, students, and parents can now mark anything from maps to appliances. Often individuals who are visually impaired have very different preferences when it comes to dot markers. An individual may want a large dot marker on a microwave and prefer a Braille-sized dot on a computer keyboard or vice versa. Can be used for math graphs or charts. Comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. Each set includes dots having seven different textures in sizes ranging from the size of a Braille dot to 11/16". Included are cork, felt, clear vinyl, velour, spongy, transparent dome-shaped, and our Braille-sized clear Locator Dots™ for a total of 386 dots. Includes a list of suggested uses for these markers.

                     tactile dots

  • Graphic Aid for Mathematics which is available at http://www.aph.org  item number 1-00460-01
    • Construct geometric and other figures and graphs related to arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Consists of a cork board mounted with a rubber mat embossed with a 34 x 30 grid of 1/2 inch squares. Included are three flat spring wires, 14 push pins, and rubber bands.

               Graphic aid for mathematics

  • Math Window which is available at www.mathwindow.com
    • Large Print and Braille
      • MW011
    • Algebra Add-on Kit
      • MW012
    • Regular Print and Braille
      • MW001
    • Algebra Add-on Kit
      • MW002
    • Braille Geometry Kit
      • MW004
    • Math Window® is an easy-to-use math teaching tool utilizing magnetic tiles on a conveniently-sized work surface.  It is portable and comes with its own carrying case.  Math concepts are easier to understand using this tactile method of building and solving math problems.  Tiles can be stored along the perimeter of the board or on our new attachable tile pallet 

                math window

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