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Included in this section are tools to increase access to geometry.  Items include Manipulatives Kit, Tactile Graphics related to Geometry, Protractors, Compass, Draftsman Drawing Board, Geoboards, Math Link Cubes, 3D Geometric Forms, GeoModel Folding Solids, Geometro Velcro Solids, Spatial Reasoning,

Click here for a Geometry Detailed Handout of the information below.

Click here for a Complete List of Math Items in all of the Math Tools Sections without the detailed description.

  • MathBuilders, Unit 6: Geometry which is available at http://www.aph.org item number 7-03563-00
    • Unit 6 includes:
      • Teacher's guide with lesson plans for grades K-3
      • CD-ROM with General Guidelines for Teaching Math to Young Braille Users
      • 34 student worksheets for additional practice
    • Manipulative parts:
      • Felt board
      • Textured shapes with Velcro® backing
      • 9 geometric shapes - hexagon, pentagon, octagon, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, right triangle, square, rectangle, and circle
      • 3-D shapes - sphere, cone, hemisphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, and prisms
      • Geometro - kit for building simple 3-D shapes
      • Nemeth Code Reference Sheet

                           Photo of the MathBuilders Geometry kit

  • APH Geometry Tactile Graphics Kit which is available at http://www.aph.org
    item number 1-08841-00
    • Set of thermoformed raised line drawings depicting geometry concepts, figures, and relationships. Graphics are larger and easier for students to measure than those in Braille textbooks. Kit includes 26 white plastic thermoform sheets measuring 8 1/2 x 11 inches. 52 drawings total. Includes two specially adapted protractors, a teacher’s guide in print and Braille, and a storage binder.

               pages of Geometry Tactile Graphics Kit         Geometry Tactile Graphics Kit Binder


  • Braille/Large Print Protractor which is available at http://www.aph.org
    item number 1-04115-00
    • Bold large print numbers and raised dots mark the 180 degrees of this protractor. This revised model has markings every 5 degrees, rather than every 1/2 degree. The lines are bolder and the type is now 18 point. The ruler markings have been removed. Protractor features a pivoting wand. When aligned with a certain degree measurement, the corresponding angle is created by the wand and the bottom edge of the protractor. Helps with the concepts of vertical angles and linear pairs. Includes print and Braille instructions.

                  Braille Print Protractor

  • Large Print and Braille Protractor which is available at http://www.aph.org
    Large Print item number 1-04116-00  Braille item number 1-04117-00
    • Both protractors feature:
      • Lightweight, clear plastic
      • Movable, transparent yellow wand
      • Open hole where wand is attached for inserting pencil or push pin at vertex of angle
      • Notches on bottom left and right allow for pinning the protractor to surface such as a rubber mat
      • 6-inch ruler located at bottom of protractor
    • Large Print Protractor features:
      • Bold, sans serif, 20-point font
      • Upper labels mark every 10 degrees from 0° to 180°
      • Lower labels mark every 20 degrees from 180° to 0°
    • Tactile Protractor features:

      • Braille dot markings on upper edge
      • 3 dots at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°
      • 2 braille dots at each 10° to 170° except 90°
      • A single braille dot at every 10° increment from 5° to 175°, excluding 45° and 135°

                        large print protractor                     braille protractor

  • Fiskars Classroom Compass which is available for loan from the Iowa Braille School to schools in Iowa
    • Unique rubber tip holds compass in place on paper, overhead projectors, blackboards and whiteboards. Rubber tip will not damage work surfaces. Adjustable nut securely holds pens, pencils and thin markers. Oversized knob is easy to hold.  Works great with Draftsman Board.

                  rubber tipped compass

  • APH Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board which is available at http://www.aph.org
    item number 1-08857-00
    • DRAFTSMAN is a versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a stylus to create instant raised-line images. Intended for a wide audience, such as students, teachers, parents, and adults with blindness, the DRAFTSMAN can be used for:
      • Producing simple raised-line graphics
      • Demonstrating math concepts and tasks
      • Demonstrating science concepts
      • Practicing handwriting skills
      • Playing games (e.g., tic-tac-toe)
      • Facilitating tracing activities
      • Creating art drawings
    • DRAFTSMAN has a plastic frame that encases a double-layered rubber surface. Clamp a sheet of included drawing film onto the board and use the included stylus or a ballpoint pen to quickly draw a raised image. Kit includes:
      • DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board
      • Two-ended tactile drawing stylus
      • Tactile inch-ruler
      • 25 sheets of drawing film
      • Braille/print instructions booklet
      • Carrying case

                      draftsman board

  • Geoboards which is available at http://www.eaieducation.com
    item number 531354
    • Includes: 30 two-sided 7” geoboards (highly durable, brightly-colored plastic, feature a 5x5 pin grid and a 17-pin circular grid), 1 overhead 5 x 5 pin grid geoboard, 1 overhead 17-pin circular geoboard, and 1 lb. bag of rubberbands, in a plastic storage container.


  • Math Link Cubes (Set of 100) which is available at http://www.hand2mind.com/​
    • Students can create patterns, count, measure, explore attributes, spatial relationships, and problem solving situations with these innovative 2cm cubes. Each of the four sides has a different geometric shape (square, triangle, pentagon, and hexagon) cut-out to provide for additional pattern attributes. Set includes 10 colors: red, yellow, black, brown, orange, white, pink, green, purple, and blue. Contains 100 cubes, 10 of each color.  Also comes in larger sets.  

               Math Link cubes

  • APH Geometric Forms which is available at http://www.aph.org
    item number 1-03410-00
    • Introduces students to the circle, square, and triangle. Kit includes three plane figures, twelve solid figures, and a white plastic sheet illustrating the three shapes in black, raised lines.

                geometric forms with 2-D slices                   wooden geometric forms

  • GeoModel Folding Solids 
    • Made of durable plastic, each hollow GeoModel® solid features a removable base and shapes are relational in size to better demonstrate the properties of the solids and the parallels involving shape, volume, and surface area. Activity book included.

               GeoModel Folding Solids

  • Big Set Velcro Solids which is available at www.aph.org
    • These Velcro pieces allow students to quickly count edges, vertices, and faces.  It is also easy to convert the 3 dimensional object into its net and a net into its 3-dimensional object.

                      Geometro velcro shapes            bin of Geometro velcro shapes

  • StackUps:Spatial Reasoning Using Cubes & Isometric Drawings which is available at http://www.aph.org  item number 1-08960-00
    • StackUps encourages students to:
      • Recognize, name, build, draw, compare, and sort 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
      • Describe attributes and parts of 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
      • Investigate & predict the results of putting together & taking apart 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
    • Students can practice:
      • Building 3-D models using Velcro® cubes in combination with tactile displays
      • Using Mat Plans to construct and create stacked cube arrangements
      • Interpreting front-right-top views
      • Determining volume and surface area
    • StackUps Include:
      • StackUps cubes, set of 20
      • Stacked Cube Arrangement Cards
      • Mat Plan Cards
      • Mat Plan Worksheets
      • 5 x 5 Grids
      • Velcro®-backed Squares for use w/ the 5 x 5 grids
      • Large Print Teacher’s Guidebook
      • Braille Teacher’s Guidebook
      • Guidebook CD-ROM with an interactive “StackUps Skills Checklist”

                          stack ups set

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