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Operating Procedures

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Eligibility Statement

In order to be considered for Special Education services from a teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired, (TVI) and/or an orientation and mobility specialist (OMS), or other support, related, or instructional services based upon an identified visual impairment, an individual must be eligible for and be in need of special services. These services may include direct and/or collaborative services by a certified TVI, OMS or other specialized instructional services. Specific entitlement/eligibility requirements and procedures used by the vision program are listed under eligibility standards and evaluation procedures.

I. Medical — has one or more of the following conditions documented by a medical professional

(i.e., medical eye report). Must be current or within 12 months of referral.

  A. Visual acuity in the better eye or both eyes with best possible correction:

     i. Legal blindness — 20/200 or less at distance and/or near

     ii. Low Vision — 20/70 or less at distance and/or near

  B. Visual Field Restriction with both eyes

     i. Legal blindness — remaining visual field of 20 degrees or less

     ii. Low Vision — remaining visual field of 60 degrees or less

     iii. Medical and educational documentation of a degenerative condition; which    may, in the future, affect the student’s ability to learn visually

  C. Other visual impairment, including Cortical or Neurological Visual impairment (CVI or NVI), not perceptual in nature, resulting from a medically documented condition (request that medical professional estimate if visual functioning is at least legal blindness)

If vision can be corrected to normal/near normal by glasses, contact lenses, or patching, child should not be considered eligible for vision services.

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