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Number and Operations

This article contains number and operations lessons and suggestions that can be useful when teaching students who are blind or visually impaired.

Strategies for teaching number

  • Use the hundreds board piece with the Velcro.Place a shape, which he can choose across the first row.Place the numbers 1-10 in the second row.Have him pick a number and count to that number across the shapes, stop when he reaches that number, go down to the number, describe it and read it.This can also be done on the number line.Sometimes the regular hundreds board can be used too. (Hundreds board, number line)
  • Put the number flash cards in a bowl.Let him draw a card, describe it, and then say the number.Say yes or no and then say "the correct number is".If he gets it right, he gets to keep the card.If he gets it incorrect, he gets to keep the card with the object of the game being getting all of the cards out of the bowl. (Nemeth flash cards)
  • Have him make a book that he can have at home.You can also have a second book at school.On the first page, have the number one on the first page with one shape object on the page.On the second page, have the number two on the second page with two objects on the page. Continue with the other numbers.Be sure the shapes are organized in rows or columns and not random on the page.(braille paper folded and stapled, number stickers, tactile shapes or objects)
  • Home-made Ten Frame on a cookie sheet, with popsicle sticks, or with tactile graph paper cut into a ten-frame


                              Image of cookie sheet made into a ten frame    Image of ten frame made from popsicle sticks

  • When counting objects, use a two compartment lunch container so the student can more easily keep track of the objects he/she has already counted.
  • When adding objects use a 3 compartment plate or lunch container to put the objects and numbers with the third or bigger section for the total.



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