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Measuring Liquids

Lesson plan for measuring liquid volume: Perkins School for the Blind


Tools for measuring liquid volume

  • Beaker 1000 mL modified
    • The 1000-ml (1 liter) plastic tripour beaker has been modified with slot punched at the 1000 ml level. A student can fill the beaker to the brim and allow the excess to drip into another container or tray to obtain an accurate 1000-ml measurement. Any plastic beaker can be modified with a hole punched at the level needed. A set can be created for a student to use throughout the year.

                Beaker with hole punched at 1000 milliliter line‚Äč

  • Syringe, 50 mL with stop 
    • The 50-ml syringe has been modified with a metal stop so that when the plunger is pulled all the way to the stop, exactly 50 ml of liquid has been measured. By pushing down on the plunger from the 50-ml position until the notch in the middle of the plunger reaches the top of the plunger, 25 ml of liquid is measured. Any syringe can be modified to stop at a given measured amount by inserting a stop such as a push pin or rivet.

                 Syringe with a metal stop to make volume stop at 50 milliliters

Syringes shown with alternatives for stopping at predetermined quantities. Notching the plunger for tactual stops every 5 ml, inserting a push pin, using a metal stop or a string

  • Syringe, 50 mL modified
    • This syringe was specifically developed. Note the differences between this syringe and the 50-ml syringe with stop. This plunger in this syringe is removable. There are also measurement notches on the plunger to assist students in determining how much gas was created by an acid and baking soda reaction. The top notch allows students to accurately measure 5 ml of acid.

                 Plunger of syringe is notched to be tactual every 5 milliliters in this syringe

  • Liquid measure in milliliters 
    • This 50-ml graduate includes a tactile floating scale for use by students with visual impairments. The cylinder is used with the 50-ml syringe to measure small volumes of liquid. Students add liquid to the cylinder, and the float is dropped in. By pinching the scale at the spot where the scale intersects the cylinder rim, pulling out the scale, and then counting down from the top notch (0 mark) to the pinch spot, students can measure liquid volume to the nearest 2 ml.

                 Graduated cylinder which contains a tactual strip inside that floats up as water is added.

  • Funnel Stand 
    • The SAVI/SELPH funnel stand provides a stable tool for all students to use.  The three wooden legs are removable, and the plastic funnel is easily cleaned.

                 Tripod with funnel that can double as stand for filtering or pouring

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