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American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Federal Quota Funds

APH Quota Request Form

Operating Procedures - In Iowa we use our Federal quota funds to best meet the needs of all the students who are registered under the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind.  We do not specify a dollar amount per student, but instead use the annual allocation to purchase the highest priority items for Iowa’s registered students.  The following directions are to be used by all Iowa educators when ordering items to be purchased with APH Quota funds. Orders may be placed at any time.

APH Kits

  1. Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) can order  complete kits with Quota funds to use for student assessments and intervention. Because of the cost of kits, teachers are encouraged to share kits to the greatest extent possible. Teachers should also turn unused kits back into the inventory at Iowa Braille School for other teacher use.
  2. When specific items in a kit have been identified which are especially beneficial to a student’s educational program, those specific items should be ordered for the student using Quota funds. Individual items can be found in the APH catalog section titled, “Replacement Parts.”
  3. When turning kits back into the inventory please identify and make note of any     missing parts or pieces.


  1. Braille paper, Bold Print paper, and Braillable Labels and Sheets are generally not eligible for purchase with Quota funds in Iowa. They should be purchased for students by the school, AEA or the family. TVIs will provide ordering information to the schools.
  2. Braille paper, labels and sheets may be ordered as starter kits for newly identified students to ensure access in consumables while awaiting the district order of these supplies.
  3. Braille consumable products may be ordered through APH for children age 0 to 3 on Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP).


  1. Student-specific equipment ordered through APH should follow a trial of the device through the Assistive Device Center.
  2. Equipment that is not working should be sent back to Iowa Braille School with the problem clearly identified.  This will prevent sending poorly functioning equipment out to another user.
  3. Although it may be efficient to have a number of pieces of equipment for access by the student in different environments, the limitation of the inventory may necessitate sharing across environments.  This need arises with the use of Perkins Braillers.

Special Requests

            1. When parents make special requests for materials, the TVI and the Ex-Officio Trustee will evaluate the requests based on the individual student’s needs. Generally, the items should be ordered with Quota funds only if the TVI has modeled their use with the child.

General Procedures

  1. You may order materials at any time.  Orders will be acted upon as received.
  2. Send your unused materials, equipment and kits back to Iowa Braille School.  An inventory is maintained and items will be reused, instead of ordering new whenever possible.

Census Procedures

  1. Note changes in the census procedures:

Primary Language requirement

Functional level of vision requirement

APH Personnel

Chris Short
ExOfficio Trustee
Literacy Consultant
319-472-5221 ext. 1227

Sue Shannahan
Library Assistant III
319-472-5221 ext. 4044











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