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Kit Based Science

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FOSS Kits--General Strategies for Accessibility

Including Notebooking

Student Notebooks
Whenever possible, the student should be given the responsibility of creating and keeping track of his/her own student notebook. This is preferable to having notes taken by a teacher, as students are able to revisit entries in their notebook independently. A 3 ring binder can be used so that tactual drawings and brailled notes can be organized. Tabs with braille can denote each section of a notebook. Consider printing out focus questions in braille or large print ahead of time for student. Journaling can be done on dark line paper, Perkins braillewriter, or a notetaker device. Pictures can be created by student or para on a Draftsman board or created with tactual materials or pens. Materials completed on the notetaker can be printed out and added to notebook. There are often "lines of learning" where students will go back and add to thoughts or drawings. Students can continue to add to their thoughts if the pages are created so that students can return to the work independently.

As important vocabulary words are introduced, consider having the student put vocabulary words in braille or large print on strips of tagboard and have them readily available as topics and vocabulary are used throughout the unit.

Group Work
When other students are describing what they see, they should be encouraged to use descriptive words instead of words like this, that, or there. 

Make materials available for student in preferred format (Do this before the unit begins—several months before if possible!)
The classroom teacher will need to look through the Notebook Masters, Assessment Masters and Teacher Masters (these are available through fossweb.com) to identify which ones will need to be brailled or made available in large print. A copy of these should be given to the TVI along with copies of any other teacher-made materials being used. All duplication masters should be ordered in the students preferred media (large print/braille). The student book will most likely need to be brailled in its entirety—it is also available in electronic format and audio format on the FOSSweb online resources. The ISBN number will be necessary to order the book in braille.

Other FOSS Materials
Detailed description of any multimedia activities will have to be used for students who are not able to see the screen—they are generally not accessible.


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