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FOSS Kits--ISBN numbers

This document contains the ISBN Numbers for student books that accompany FOSS kits. The ISBN number is necessary when ordering large print or braille copies from the Iowa Department for the Blind or Braille on Demand.

Strand/Title Grade Level Edition Student Book
Trees and Weather K Third 978-1-60902-029-3
Air and Weather 1/2 Third 978-1-60902-035-4
Pebbles, Sand and Silt 1/2 Third 978-1-60902-033-0
Water and Climate 3 Next Gen 978-1-62571-324-7
Soils, Rocks and Landforms 4 Third 978-1-60902-038-5
Sun, Moon and Planets 5 Third 978-1-60902-044-6
Weather on Earth 6 Third 978-1-60902-046-0
Earth History 6/MS Second/Middle School 978-1-60902-620-2
Planetary Science 7/MS Second/Middle School 978-1-60902-618-9
Weather and Water 8/MS Second/Middle School 978-1-62571-172-4
Animals 2 x 2 K Third 978-1-60902-030-9
Plants and Animals 1 Third 978-1-60902-054-5
Insects and Plants 2 Third 978-1-60902-055-2
Structures of Life 3 Third 978-1-60902-043-2
Environments 4 Third 978-1-60902-041-5
Living Systems 5 Third 978-1-60902-047-7
Diversity of Life  6/MS Second/Middle School 978-1-62571-173-1
Populations and Ecosystems 7/MS First/Middle School  
Human Brain and Senses 8/MS First/Middle School 1-58356-409-8   (lab sheets and assessment)
Materials and Motion K Next Gen 978-1-62571-427-5
Sound and Light 1 Next Gen 978-1-62571-277-6
Solids and Liquids 2 Next Gen 978-1-62571-305-6
Motion and Matter 3 Next Gen 978-1-62571-312-4
Energy 4 Next Gen 978-1-62571-330-8
Mixtures and Solutions 5 Next Gen 978-1-62571-360-5
Chemical Interactions 6/MS Second/Middle School 978-1583564448
Force and Motion 8th First/Middle School  

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